Sacre Bleu

The current item in the BidBox is Adam n Eve’s Sacre Bleu. I didn’t see it in my run through of Adam n Eve, but I probably payed at least L$600 at the time. You get prim headpiece. Prim featherduster. 2 different pairs of thighhighs. 2 prim skirts, 1 flexi, 1 static. Shoes. As always bidding starts at L$1.

Location: In the medieval peasant cottage that is now up on what was formerly Fiendish 3 Designs’s property

Auction Ends: July 27, 2007


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  1. Lucy Dorsey Said:

    It was grim, raunchy, sordid and in that regard — as the screening of “The Sign of the Cross” for the asylum’s patients reminded us — not all that different from a pre-Code movie released in 1932. Raunchy and sordid wasn’t invented by Ryan Murphy and co., after all. They’re as old as a Cecil B. DeMille picture.

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